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Active Release • Dry Needling • Cold Laser

Active Release

Patients call this "Muscle Magic" because the mobility recovery results are absolutely astonishing!  I use this combo therapy to quickly loosen and lengthen tight and tender muscles.  I use Active Release Techniques (ART) layered with Ischemic Compression, Percussive Therapy, Active Assisted Stretching, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) and Muscle Activation...all incredibly researched and proven therapies.

Dry Needling

Provides measurable pain relief as well as immediate improvement in mobility and function.  There are 400+ articles and studies proving its effectiveness.  It works first by interrupting the spastic pain cycle of a tight muscle (relaxes and releases).  Secondly, it breaks up adhesions and softens scar tissue (returns pliability and elasticity).  Third, it allows for platelet accumulation and stimulates healing process.

Cold Laser

Provides fast pain relief, radically reduces swelling/bruising as well as accelerates tissue healing and recovery.  There are 2000+ articles and studies proving its effectiveness (aka this hands-down works).  It works by first decreasing nerve pain signals to the brain.  Then it regulates the inflammation and swelling via Photo Bio Modulation.  Last, it stimulates the DNA to produce new cells to replace the damaged ones.

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"Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional" - Anonymous

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